Man Drove 2 Hours To Adopt A Cat, The Owner Crushed His Heart With These Texts

Alex Andreou wanted some cats.

The Greek-born UK-based writer and actor has a stable home and income. He has a background in law and economics, he’s given TED Talks, and he runs the Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company. Andreou is responsible, and more than capable of caring for a pet.

Instead of buying his cats from a pet store, Andreou made a humane decision, and drove two hours to pick a pair up that “desperately needed rehoming,” he said.

Source: YouTube/TEDx Talks
Alex Andreou giving a TED Talk on politics and immigrants in London’s East End.

But when he got there, the owner turned him down.

After questioning Andreou about his sexuality through text message, it was clear they were not interested in rehoming their animals with a gay man.

“So, I just travelled two hours to adopt a cat that desperately needed rehoming and was turned down for being gay,” Andreou tweeted. “WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.”

A friend of Andreou’s agreed to help him get the cat, be she too was turned away.

Then, the story took a strange twist. Andreou did some research and learned the owner had turned several people down, even though she had been advertising the cats for months.

He found the same picture she used for her cats on the website of a company that makes French windows.

“They’re clearly not your cats,” he wrote the owner in a text message. “Why would you make all this up just to upset people?”

The woman eventually called Andreou back and admitted he was right.

“She also said the reason she used a stock photo is that she doesn’t have a camera and all cats look the same,” Andreou tweeted.

The story doesn’t end there. Before long, Andreou was fielding messages from all over London; caring cat lovers offering support, love, and kitties.

So. Many. Kitties.

“HELLO TWITTER. HERE IS YOUR HAPPY ENDING,” Andreou posted, along with his two new feline friends, George Meowchael-Andreou and Freddie Mercury-Andreou.

George and Freddy came from a local shelter, were neutered shortly after Andreou could claim them, and were soon enjoying life in their new forever home.

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