Mother Goose Lays Eggs Outside Of Maternity Ward That She’s Been Visiting For The Past 12 Years

A pair of geese, named Alice and Ralph, have been visiting the Alegent Creighton Health Lakeside Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, every spring for the past twelve years.

This year, they became parents, and decided to nest in the perfect, most ironic spot: a flower pot outside of the hospital’s maternity ward. The hospital posted a sign outside that read: “Please do not disturb and do not feed the geese. The geese are anxiously awaiting the hatching of their new family.”

Alice laid six eggs that have since hatched into adorable little goslings. Ralph has been a great father and was protective over the goslings ever since they were eggs. He even hisses at people if they get too close, but hospital staff makes sure that people are nice to them and vice versa.

They called the Omaha’s wildlife department when they first saw the geese nesting there, but wound up letting them be. These little goslings will be raised on hospital grounds, where they have a nearby pond.

The mother and father goose have come back to visit the hospital every spring for over a decade, so it’s only right for them to raise their cute little family there as well. Now next spring when they come back to visit, there will be eight of them instead of just two! It’s amazing to think that birds can fly thousands upon thousands of miles, yet still always find their way back!

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