Company Will Pay You $3,600 To Go On Vacation And Review Cottages With Your Dog Or Cat

As much as we would love to travel with our pets, it’s not quite that practical. Airline travel with pets is definitely a nightmare, and something best reserved for absolute-must situations. I mean, even a cross-country road trip with a pet can come with a lot more hiccups than you’d think. Finding pet-friendly accommodation for one is always a nightmare.

But what if there was a way to not only get a free holiday with your pet but also get paid for it?

Think it’s too good to be true?

Well, in a way yes it is because it’s only in the UK that you get the free trip and £3,000 to do so. But if you happen to live in the UK, then that is good news for you.

Snaptrip, a vacation website, is searching for two dogs and their owners, to review a number of their properties. And it would be all expenses paid since the designated dogs would get the special titled of “Furrfluencer.”

Photo: Pixabay

Snaptrip’s website states:

“We’re looking for two dogs with exquisite taste and an eye for detail, to travel with their owners to our dog-friendly properties in locations like Cornwall, Wales, and the Lake District. Once they arrive, we’d like them to review them in terms of how suitable they are for dogs.”

The job entails the pet (most likely with the help of their owner) to explore the local area and leave a detailed review in terms of dog-friendliness – meaning enjoyment, practicality, local walking access, and of course access to dog-friendly establishments in the area like pubs or gardens.

The travel site decided on the idea after they realized that despite have more than 36,000 dog-friendly cottages listed on their site, none of them had been reviewed with the dog’s perspective in mind.

Once chosen, the two Furrfluencers will get to visit 10 of the site’s properties free of charge over the span of 12 months. They will also get £300 payment per review, which, if you’ve done the math, adds up to a total of £3,000. Not bad at all.

Photo: Pixabay

As for the dog’s humans, all they have to do is take loads of “fantastic photographs” while making sure that each review is a minimum of 500 words long (child’s play to any writer) and keeps to the aforementioned criteria when conducting the reviews.

Once submitted, Snaptrip will upload the reviews to the blog “in the hope it will act as a benchmark for dog-friendly properties on our site, and help customers pick a holiday rental that fits their own and their furry friend’s needs.”

If you are thinking about submitting your dog for consideration, there are some boxes that they have to tick. The dog must be between six months to three years old, or between four to ten years old. They have to be in good health. Your dog must be comfortable with travel. They have to be photogenic – easy, what dog isn’t? And they must have impeccable taste.

If this sounds like your dog then don’t wait to apply. You can do that by clicking the link here.

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