Woman Shares The Trick She Uses To Clip Her Dog’s Nails While Quarantined

Pandemic or not, our dogs got to get their nails clipped. While most of us probably take our dogs to the groomers for that, we can’t exactly do that right now. That means only one thing – attempting it at home. Even for those seasoned dog owners who regularly trim their dog’s nails at home, there is no denying how wriggly our pets can become at the prospect of nail trimming.

But things on the doggie nail trimming front might just have been revolutionized thanks to one woman’s ingenious distraction technique.

Oklahoma-based nurse and dog owner, Linds Shelton, filmed herself while doing something that is downright genius. All dog owners will agree, this is a pretty brilliantly thought-out plan.

Posting her method to TikTok, Linds is seen wrapping clingfilm around the top of her head before she unveils her secret weapon – a big dollop of peanut butter right in the center of her forehead.

Then, the dog owner commences her task of trimming her pup’s nails. However, because her head is now eye-level with her dog, the pooch is happily distracted by the yummy treat.

After she posted the footage of her nail trimming trick on TikTok, the internet went nuts for it – with the clip garnering more than 2 million views.

There were hundreds of comments to the post, as many of the viewers called it “genius.”

One person said, “Dude this is genius. I wish I had genius energy. But I’m about to have copycat (copydog?) energy.”

Someone else posted about how they were going to test it out within their household, saying, “I’ve just shown this to my husband, and we’re wrapping his head in clingwrap and peanut butter tomorrow!” The poster then followed up with a light-hearted mention that her husband wasn’t as excited about the hack as she was.

There was another person who uploaded a clip of themselves testing out the trick, saying that they had to make a few adjustments themselves to get a technique that worked.

One social media user even offered to send Linda money, stating that her genius idea will be saving them loads of money on a dog groomer.


One person tweeted, “nominating this woman for a doctorate in dog training,” to which someone else replied, “dogtorate…”

Needless to say, we’re pretty sure Linds just saved hundred of dog owners during this pandemic and possibly afterwards.

Now, if only someone could invent a similar trick for cats…

Would you try this hack with your own pet? Let us know!

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