This Labradoodle Spends A Lot Of Her Time At A Funeral Home…But The Reason Why May Not Be What You’d Expect!

When I have a bad day, the first thing I do when I get home is go straight to my fur baby because I know that he will always make me feel better. Dogs always bring a sense of comfort to people, which is why many of them are therapy dogs. This therapy dog, Lulu, has a very special job. She is the newest employee at the Ballard-Durand Funeral Home in White Plains, New York, and does an amazing job comforting it’s mourners.

One of the funeral home’s mourners, Kay Golia, said she thinks if you feel alone, that it’s necessary to make a connection with this type of therapy, calling it “a beautiful thing.” And I agree! Many airports are adding therapy dogs to help calm anxious passengers down before their flights. So why not add them to a place where the most heartbroken people are? I think having therapy dogs at funeral homes is a great idea and will bring a lot of comfort to many sad people. Lulu does a great job at what she does, and puts smiles on many people’s faces!

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