Fun with dog photography

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Photography has always been Julie Karp’s passion. The Denver-area photographer has been taking photos professionally for more than a decade. She recently started to photograph dogs. Here’s Julie on why she was drawn to taking photos of pups and why she decided to launch her newest business.

“I started photographing dogs a year ago after photographing mainly people for 15 years. We got a lab mix rescue puppy 2 1/2 years ago, Sophie, and I started photographing her every move it seemed. Every month we took her somewhere new for her photos during her first year. Appointments for dog shoots kept coming up more and more and I realized that there was a market for dog photography here in Colorado so I launched K9 Pawtography last August as a branch off of Julie G Photography. I love to photograph dogs because of their expressions. You wonder sometimes–what are they thinking? They are so happy to get attention and affection and I just love to be around them.”

Here’s a sampling of Julie’s work.

Check out Julie’s website: and find her business on Facebook.

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