Kitten Found Frozen Solid In An Empty Barn Makes A Remarkable Recovery

Frosty the kitten is a true miracle. As her name suggests, she was found in the middle of a horrible winter storm. Malnourished, abandoned and extremely emaciated, she was found huddled inside of a empty barn. With temperatures dropping in the negatives, she was frozen solid. She was immediately taken to a local animal expert for care. Her story is pretty remarkable! Check out the footage below from The Dodo.

Frosty looks like a completely different cat! Photo credit: Frosty The Kitten's Facebook Page

Frosty looks like a completely different cat! Photo credit: Frosty The Kitten’s Facebook Page

The rescue worker immediately assessed the tiny kitten and knew that if she would of been outside any longer she would of died.

“The kitten was so frozen – stiff – solid – I could not move one limb,” the volunteer wrote on Facebook. “The eyes were frozen open and the ears so froze I was afraid I was going to snap them off just touching them.”

Despite the constant care, medication and warmth, the kitten was still showing distressing signs. Driving an hour through a snow storm, the good Samaritan took Frosty to an urgent care clinic where she was able to get oxygen.

Frosty is miraculously recovering from her chilly past. However, the vet said she has months of recovery ahead of her, but is expected to make a full recovery. It is safe to say that she will get all the care and comfort she needs at her new forever home.

You can follow along with Frosty’s story, as well as make a donation towards her medical expenses or by a gift off of her Amazon wishlist on her Facebook page!

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