When Kittens Replace All Of The Characters In Frozen… It’s Even Better Than Before!

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Since it’s debut, Disney’s Frozen has captivated audiences everywhere. Even though it was released back in 2013, the frenzy over this film has far from faded. This past Halloween, I’m sure you encountered more than a few trick or treater’s dressed as either Elsa, Anna, or the adorable snowman, Olaf. If you haven’t seen this animated classic, then you’re definitely missing out! But if you can’t make time for the original movie, this shortened kitten parody is a solid (and adorable!) replacement!

See Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Hans like you’ve never seen them before!! As adorable and precious kittens! I mean seriously, what could be cuter than kittens dressing up as your favorite Frozen characters and a little girl narrating the story?! She even made sure to touch on all the major events of the movie in under 3 minutes! That’s quite a feat if you ask me, but you’ll have to see for yourself to truly experience this kitten masterpiece!

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