Why do dogs Howl on Friday the 13th?

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Today is a VERY SPECIAL Friday the 13th (continue reading to find out why). Very few things can make a human laugh as hard as the “singing dog.” This is that multisyllabic, operatic, drawn out yowl that hits both high and low notes. In fact, the sound is almost like a yodel. But what does it mean? Well, this sounds means your dog is really happy! That’s a good thing, and chances are that if she’s doing it when you’re singing with a group, it means she wants to join in. The singsong howl is purely social and indicates sheer happiness, as opposed to the plaintive, mournful sound that can indicate loneliness, boredom or anger in dogs. It’s important to remember that dogs evolved from wolves, who use vocalizations as one of the primary ways to communicate with other members of their pack. Howls, including that social singsong one, can indicate a few things. As always, you’ll need to check in with things like your dog’s posture, facial expressions and eye contact to really evaluate its mood. Wolves had their own reasons for emitting the cheerful singsong. When they wanted to celebrate a successful hunt, they would let a singsong howl ring. It was also said that when a mother wolf gave birth to her pups, sometimes wolves would gather outside the den to prance, jump and howl in that singsong voice. Sometimes, dogs also use that howl to excite the pack and bring cohesion, pleasure or friendship into their environment. Have you noticed your own dog howling with another dog? It’s possible that even though the other dog might live a block or two away from your home, the two will be able to sing together. Listen carefully to your dog’s singsong howl. It if seems to be a more sorrowful howl that includes a rising and falling pitch, with a long slide at the end, your dog may be saying, “I need attention!” which could indicate sadness or even injury. So, why is this Friday the 13th so special? This is the first full moon on a Friday the 13th since October 13th, 2000. Now, usually there is a full moon on Friday the 13th every 14.3 years BUT, this is going to be the last full moon on a Friday the 13th until 2049!  Not only that, but this is the first full moon to fall on a Friday the 13th in June since 1919. So make sure to get a glimpse at this historic moon and no matter what your beliefs on Friday the 13th are; enjoy it! #FridayThe13th

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