Frenchie’s Kitchen Gives Homeless Dogs An Unforgettable Thanksgiving Feast. Try Not to Cry!

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As we’re sitting down to a big Thanksgiving meal, it’s hard not to think of those without friends, family or food. After all, those are some of the very things we’re all so thankful for! It’s heartbreaking to think that there are people out there without these things, and it’s also hard to think that there are animals out there who have the same fate. The folks at Frenchie’s Kitchen in Corpus Christi apparently feel the same way and they do something remarkable every year at Thanksgiving!

They visit their city’s Animal Control and they donate Thanksgiving meals to the animals locked up there. They aren’t just any meals either, they put a lot of love, effort and money into this. Their reward is something much more valuable than time or money though, they give these animals an amazing meal, but more importantly they let them experience love and care, two things many of the animals may never have experienced at the hands of humans before. Just try not to cry happy tears watching this video. It’s what Thanksgiving is all about!

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