Hey There Hot Dog, Do You Need To Cool Off? YASSSSSSS!

The Dog Days of Summer can be a real drag if you’re sweating your tail off. But look no further, I found an inspirational video that has some serious cool factor. This Frenchie, named Elvis, has found the pawfect place to beat the heat. Is it a coincidence that he’s also really close to some really good snacks too? Hmmm. Probably not. Smart dog!

How do you like to beat the heat? Go to the pool? The beach? Or sit really (REALLY) close to your a/c unit? LOL!

You know how hard it is to stay cool on those brutal days so keep in mind that your dogs feel it too. Their coats don’t help things either. So please, always keep enough water out for your dog. Excessive panting is an indication that he is not comfortable so consider bringing the fun to the air conditioned indoors. Your dog should also ALWAYS have access to shade. Dogs can sunburn too, plus the hot sun makes things more uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable then so is your dog.

A dog’s exercise is still important so consider going for walks early in the morning and later in the evening, when things are cooler.

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