This Adorable Frenchie Found A New NYPD Horse Friend To Play With On Wall Street!

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If you know anything about Wall St., then you know it’s rarely a place associated with cuteness and love. But, this adorable animal pair just changed the way you’ll think about the infamous investment street. When an NYPD horse is spotted by this adorable (and playful!) bulldog pup, the cute, little pup can’t help but try and make this giant animal his new BFF!

The little guy busts out all the bells and whistles to impress his large companion, like spinning in circles, giving kisses, and standing up on his hind legs. He gets momentarily distracted by a sweet, little girl in a pink coat, but he’s got his eyes on the horse the rest of the time! (He swears! Lol!) Too bad the NYPD officer didn’t seem to be as big of a fan of the dog as the rest of the crowd was…

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