French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a fun companion dog which is alert, lively and comical at times. This small breed has a stocky build and a huge personality. With its winsome bat-like ears and small face, the French Bulldog features will draw you in. The French Bulldog has always been a companion dog and is an even-tempered pet to have in the home.
These dogs can have coats of various colors including fawn, white, brindle and brindle/white. The French Bulldog weighs approximately 25 pounds.
As a companion dog, the French Bulldog is a fine one. Whether you are going for a walk outdoors or simply lounging and watching television, the French Bulldog is happy to be by your side. This alert breed will let you know if any strangers approach the home. This breed is fine with a little bit of regular exercise and does not require a lot in the grooming department.
This dog breed appreciates air conditioning on warmer days and doesn’t like to exert itself too much. Therefore, don’t expect your French Bulldog to go for long runs with you. With that said, when you are indoors or sitting out on the porch, rest assured that your French Bulldog will be there next to you.
The French Bulldog is an ideal pet and companion for those who want a loyal dog which is entertaining, easy to care for and will be by your side each day. As long as you are not looking for a companion for long runs, the French Bulldog is the perfect furry friend to have in your home.

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