Over 170 Dogs And Cats Rescued From Overcrowded Shelters And Flown To Forever Homes

“Of the 3 million cats and dogs euthanized in shelters each year, approximately 2.4 million (80%) are healthy and treatable and could have been adopted into new homes,” states National Kitten Coalition.

This number is on the decline, but still too high. Some areas of the country, in particular in the south, have shelters that are so overcrowded and beyond their maximum capacity – that the pets are at high risk of being euthanized. A few organizations came together to help save some of those highly adoptable pets that otherwise may not have survived

Photos: Wings Of Rescue

Freekibble Flights to Freedom in partnership with Wings of Rescue and GreaterGood.org to save homeless pets by flying them to shelters where they’re immediately adopted. This is made possible by generous people like you who donate to supply the fuel to fly the shelter pets to their new homes. Without this network of people, many shelter pets would be euthanized.

Wings of Rescue’s mission is to fly rescue animals in overpopulated shelters to a network of no-kill shelters from which they will be quickly adopted into loving homes. Since 2017, the partnership between Freekibble, GreaterGood.org and Wings of Rescue have rescued and flown over 16,000 pets to safety.

Photos: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

The most recent flight carried 171 dogs and cats (164 dogs and 7 cats) that were rescued from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. The pets were flown to Wilmington, Delaware where they will be quickly adopted into loving homes. Brandywine Valley SPCA staff and volunteers greeted the pets at the airport and transported them back to the shelter.

Wagging tails and soft purrs filled the shelter. The rescuers were rewarded with unlimited puppy kisses. Many of the dogs were adopted within days. The average length of stay for a pet transported by Wings of Rescue in a receiving shelter, before they are adopted, is 3 ½ days. The remaining dogs and cats will take part in Brandywine Valley SPCA Mega Adoption Event this weekend.

Photos: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

The event will have over 1,000 pets available at a reduced rate of $25 per pet. Each shelter pet has been neutered and microchipped. This successful event has already placed 4,000 pets in loving homes. Their hope is that every pet will have a loving home and warm bed for the holidays. There is a pet for everyone with seniors, puppies, and kittens all available. The event will be held at Delaware State Fairgrounds. For more information visit their website.

Photos: Wings Of Rescue

Marshmallow, Klause and Honey were three of the lucky passengers on the flight to Delaware. They may still be available for adoption this weekend! Ric Browde, President of Wings of Rescue, told me about a very special dog that was on the flight, “Among the passengers on this flight was Major a five month old neutered male Chihuahua who had been hit by a car and suffered a fractured pelvis. He was lovingly fostered by the volunteers at Maricopa – and he will now have a fabulous life on the east coast.”

Photos: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

You can help support the next flight! Just $5 helps cover the fuel costs of flying a pet 125 miles towards safety. 100% of your donation goes towards fuel and saving shelter pets.

Watch the magical moment the dogs and cats arrived at the airport in Delaware to start their new lives in the video below.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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