Abandoned By His Family, 14-Year-Old Cat Celebrates His Birthday And A Better Life!

Warning: Adult language is used in one of the images included in this article.

Pets are forever, no matter what, but one family decided their cat wasn’t worth the effort. Fred, a senior kitty at 13 years young, was brought to the vet by his owners to be put down. They were getting ready for a big move to Canada and decided he wasn’t coming with them. Instead of just finding him a new home, they opted to do something TOTALLY uncalled for. Fred was perfectly healthy.

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The veterinary staff reached out to Hand in Paw, a rescue group in Los Angeles. Piper Wood, found of Hand in Paw, told The Dodo, “Of course, the compassionate staff at the animal hospital called me and asked me for help, because they felt so bad for Fred.”

Keri Shaw met Fred soon after and immediately fell in love with him! “I just saw his face and my heart melted, and I was like, ‘Can I keep him?’” Shaw told The Dodo. “And Piper was like, ‘Yeah.’ I think she already knew I was going to be a sucker for this cat.’”

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For Shaw, it was love at first meow. As sad as Fred’s story was, it was almost like he was meant to be with Shaw all along.

Shaw can’t get enough of Fred and his winning personality “He makes the cutest sounds when he eats and drinks,” Shaw said. “He likes to lean his face against a part of your body, and he’ll fall asleep. And he does this thing where he paws you if he wants something, or if I’m cuddling him too much, he’ll put his paw up against me, like, ‘Enough already.’”

Even his snore is adorable!

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Now, together a year, Shaw decided to celebrate his 14th birthday since she wasn’t sure of the exact day. “I think it’s so important to celebrate animals,” Shaw said. “They’re just like people, and they should be validated.”

Warning: Adult language used

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“This cat made my heart so much bigger,” Shaw said. “You never know what they’ll do or how they’ll change your life.”

Thanks to humans like Shaw, a cat who was given up on gets to spend the rest of his life being treasured.

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