This Bull Escaped While Being Unloaded At A Slaughterhouse And Ran Away To A Much Better Life

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A bull escaped as he was being unloaded from a truck at a Queens, New York, live market, a storefront slaughterhouse where customers can select live animals they’d like to bring home as meat.

But that would not be Frank’s fate. Instead he wound up at Farm Sanctuary, thanks to Tracey Stewart, Farm board member, and her husband Jon, former host of “The Daily Show.”

Since Frank wasn’t used to these surroundings, he panicked. So he ran toward the only familiar thing he saw – grass. The grass happened to be a field at York College, where many people gathered around to watch the escapee.

Police came with guns and tranquilizer darts, and Frank sustained two shots before he was taken away. From there he went to Animal Care Centers in Brooklyn.

Thankfully, Frank is now safe at his forever home in Watkins Glen, New York. He even has a new herd to live with, and will have lifelong care.

Learn more about his story in the video below:

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