Two Fox Cubs Playing with a Ball Is a Source of Happiness for Us All

Foxes are one of the most majestic and interesting species in the animal kingdom. They are often perceived as dangerous, cunning, and wild. However, you have to admit that foxes are charming — they are one of those animals that provide some of the most endearing content on the internet.

The Vulpes vulpes is a member of the Canidae family, also known as canines. No matter where they grew up or how undomesticated they are, canines are still always a furball of sunshine.

Two adorable fox kits couldn’t stop showing their playful side when presented with a ball — just like any other canine. In the video, the cubs were excitingly taking turns playing with the ball. The baby foxes were caught playing in the garden — you can feel their excitement through their jumpy expressions. A short clip of animals playing, even wild ones, can relieve your stress, and make you smile for a moment.

The video was uploaded by a Twitter page with the username @Yoda4ever. Twitter users who follow the page showered the video with likes and replies from different parts of the world. A 43-second clip was able to gain thousands of retweets and likes. Viewers exchanged replies and all of them were captivated by the two fox pups.

The Twitter page that uploaded the video aims to share and spread positivity on the social media platform. Cute animal videos are the way to capture the audience’s heart — who wouldn’t resist a ray of light in a stressful time? You can follow @Yoda4ever on Twitter for more adorable and funny animal content — like the one with the fox cubs below.

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