A Baby Fox Was Choking After Getting Stuck In A Soccer Net. Thankfully, They Came To The Rescue…

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A fox somehow gotten tangled in a soccer goal netting in a Pennsylvania park and was unable to get out on his own. Volunteer firefighters showed up at the scene to help the poor little guy after a pedestrian discovered him and called the police. If the fox was there any longer, he could have died since he appeared to be choking on the rope, fire administrator Kevin Boherty explained.

At first the fox was hissing when they arrived, but eventually he calmed down and began to trust them. The New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company posted a video of the rescue on Facebook, where you can see officials cutting the net away from the fox. To keep the fox calm, Boherty pet his nose while another official held down his jaw. Once he was free, they guided him back toward the woods and set him free.

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