His Human Brings Home A Pizza. The Fox’s Reaction? Too Funny!

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This adorable red fox, named Loki, LOVES pizza. When his human brings it home, he sniffs it right out and wants a piece so bad. When he thinks it’s in the bedroom, he sits there and scratches on the door. But when he sees it’s actually in the fridge, he begins to scratch at the fridge door instead. Finally, his human gives him a few pieces. He was so happy!

Loki comes from over eight generations of captive bred foxes that will not survive in the wild. He does not have the proper training skills to hunt on his own or any survival skills to protect him against the harsh weather and dangerous predators. Loki was adopted from a pet store who rescued him from the fur trade. If he wasn’t rescued, he would’ve wound up being someone’s fur coat. Thankfully now he is in great hands and being well-taken care of!

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