These 4 Dogs Were Neglected And Near Death, But They’ve Gotten The Most Incredible Second Chance

These four dogs were the most abused dogs that Sidewalk Specials has ever seen, but today they look like completely different pups!

The first dog, Mango, was rescued from a street corner in Gugulethu, South Africa. He was very sick, yet so friendly. His story was posted online and so happy in his new home ever since! He now lives on a farm with his four loving humans and even has a doggy sibling named Woody who was also rescued.

The second dog, Tink, curled up in a ball at the shelter, terrified and confused. She was in horrible shape with missing fur and wounds all over her body. Today she lives with her human dad who she loves so much. She is the happiest dog and can never stop wiggling and wagging her tail!

The third dog, Nik-Nak, was dumped at the shelter to be euthanized because he was “too yucky.” Poor Nik-Nak had given up on life, but rescuers refused to give up on him. He was treated and nursed back to health, and has since been adopted! Now you can’t even recognize him; he looks like a whole new dog! Now he’s with people who love him unconditionally and would never dump him no matter what. He finally can feel comfort in his big bed, and of course lots of love!

Lastly, Ugly the dog was chained up for so long that it looked like he had been hung. He was freed and not long after found his forever home. Now he has a much better name – Ollie – and is loving his new life!

All four of these dogs have incredible transformations and have come such a long way from when they were rescued. They are now all with loving families and are getting the greatest second chance at life.

Despite everything they’ve been through, they are still loving and friendly. We could definitely learn a thing or two from them! They all show us the beauty of forgiving and forgetting! Thank goodness they all got the happy ending they deserve!

Watch their before and afters in the video below:

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