They Decided To Foster A Dog, But They Had No Idea That THIS Would Happen!

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I spent the first seven years of my life as an only child. It was a very quiet first seven years…but sometimes too quiet. I always told my mom I wanted a little brother or sister. Then I finally got one! I was absolutely obsessed with my baby brother, and wanted to hold him 24/7. It’s safe to say that all these years later I don’t exactly feel the same way about him (LOL) but I am glad that I had company while growing up.

This horse, named Rocky, who lives in Washington with his human, was also an only child, or in this case, horse. That is, until his human brought in a foster dog, Callie, from Animal Rescue Cobh. In the video below, you can see how well the two get along. Now Rocky isn’t so lonely anymore! According to their owner, they spend a couple of hours a day playing together; Callie always wants to get out of the house to play, and when Rocky makes noises, Callie goes running to him with her tail in the air. It looks like they became the best of friends!

You can watch more videos of them playing together on their human’s YouTube channel.

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