Their Dog Was Washed Away By Rapids While On Vacation. 10 Days Later, They Had The Sweetest Reunion!

It was one family’s worst nightmare as they watched their beloved pet dog get washed away by rapids during their vacation in Ontario. David Kareken and his family searched for their dog Kali for hours. Fearing the worst, they couldn’t find any trace of the animal. After days of searching, their vacation came to an end. The Kareken family assumed Kail had lost her life in the rapids and decided to return home to North Carolina. After two weeks back home, the family was still having a tough time accepting the loss of their dog. That’s when they got the call no one ever expected to get.

The Ontario park that the family had been vacationing at called and told David that Kali had miraculously reappeared and approached some campers. Without hesitation, David jumped in the car and drove more than 20 hours to be reunited with his four-legged friend. Their reaction when they see each other is absolutely heartwarming. Their reunion shows just how important the bond is between dog and owner!

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