For mixed breed dogs, what temperaments or personalities are ideal to have to teach commands and tricks?

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When considering mixed-breed dogs who are easiest to train, it’s best to look for dogs who have some part of their mix belonging to a breed that is part of the herding or hunting group. These two groups are known to have temperaments and personalities that are calm, loyal and attentive. These types of breeds are also eager to please their owners and listen to commands.

If you don’t know what type of breeds make up a mixed breed dog, you can gauge how easy they will be to train off their personality or temperament. Spend some time with the dog and see how energetic he is, how likely he is to come to you when you are talking or motioning for him to come to you, and how distracted he is by his surroundings. Dogs who are mostly focused on you, and other people, will be more likely to listen to you when you are giving commands than dogs who are distracted and wandering around.

A dog who is eager to please is most easily trained because he will respond very well to positive reinforcement offered, when a command or trick is successfully completed. In fact, these types of dogs often don’t even need food rewards to complete tricks. Affection and attention are suitable rewards for a dog who is a people pleaser.

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