Foie Gras Officially Banned In California

California officially bans Foie Gras after years of battle in court. The state banned the cruel practice over a decade ago, but appeals overturned the ruling. The U.S. Supreme Court just rejected the latest appeal to California’s ban.

Foie gras if French for “fatty liver”. The process involves force-feeding birds, usually ducks and geese, with a metal pipe shoved down their throats multiple times a day. The overfed birds produce a fatty liver, along with the inability to breath or move, before they are butchered for human consumption. The cruel and inhumane method has been banned in multiple countries, but U.S. producers were fighting to overturn the ban.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation to start the ban in 2004 but it wouldn’t take effect until 2012. It banned “force feeding birds, along with the sale of foie gras in the state that’s produced by force feeding,” states Care2. Sadly, the ban was challenged by chefs and producers and overturned in 2015.

The fight was not over. In 2017, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of California being able to reject a product that was a result of animals suffering. Foie gras producers from the province of Quebec, Canada, and the Hudson Valley of New York, and a Southern California restaurant chain took their challenge to the Supreme Court to try and overturn the ban.

Thankfully, the court ruled in favor to uphold the ban and anyone found breaking the law will be charged up to $1000. Ducks, geese and animal activists are celebrating the great news. The Animal Legal Defense Fund posted on Twitter, “We’re still celebrating yesterday’s momentous victory against foie gras! The suffering ducks endure to produce #foiegras is intolerable and rightfully outlawed.”

Victory, at last!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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