A Teddy Bear Becomes This Little Foal’s Source of Happiness After Losing Its Mother

Comfort can be found in a lot of things, but for most kids, it’s from a certain item. Their favorite belongings make them feel at ease whenever mom and dad are not around. When the night gets too dark and silent, all they have to do is hug their blanket, pillow, or stuffed toy. Young animals behave that way as well. They can feel negative emotions that give them a hard time falling asleep. Orphaned animals are often provided with comfort items by sanctuaries. They find a companion after losing a parent — regaining happiness after it was taken away from them.

Photo: Youtube/Amazing Animals

Rescue groups, rehabilitation centers, and sanctuaries are dedicated to bringing hope and happiness to orphaned animals. Mare and Foal Sanctuary was able to chase away sadness for a young horse through that method. Breeze was rescued at Dartmoor National Park — all alone, as his mother was nowhere to be seen. The poor foal had a difficult time walking around the area. Due to a lack of maternal care, Breeze collapsed from shock and dehydration. The sanctuary immediately provided everything the foal needed — they were determined to ensure his survival.

Photo: Youtube/Amazing Animal

Breeze was given medical treatments, sufficient food, and extra attention. Among everything he received, his favorite was all the teddy bears that arrived in his pen. Apparently, stuffed toys were gifts from volunteers, as is a custom whenever the sanctuary takes in orphaned animals. Presenting Breeze with a teddy bear larger than him was an excellent idea. He can cuddle with it every night so he can sleep soundly. Since they never heard any updates about his mom, the teddy bear became his companion every day. And it wasn’t just the teddy bear; the sanctuary cared for him 24/7.

Breeze is now extra happy and completely different from the foal they rescued before. Teddy bear hugs undoubtedly work for both humans and animals. The soft and cuddly stuff toys can quicken physical and emotional recovery. You’ll even feel comforted while watching Breeze hugging the teddy bear in the video below. Breeze will remind you of your younger days when you used to sleep with your favorite item every night. It might just be an inanimate object, but there’s no doubt about the comfort and security that radiates from those items.

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