Fly With Fido to Your Vacation Destination

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Summertime is almost drawing to a close and you and your family are excited about the long awaited vacation getaway. The last trip you took with family dog included went off without a hitch. What about this trip? Taking a plane is different than driving, but it doesn’t have to be; you can bring your cat or dog with you on the plane. After all, Fido is a family member now, so why shouldn’t he come on the family vacation?

Before packing up the family and the ol’ pooch and heading to the beach, you’ll want to make sure everything is prepared. Identity theft can pose a risk while away from home as even your pet’s name can be used, so investing in some ID protection can give you peace of mind while on vacay. Companies like Lifelock will monitor your personal information for any suspicious activity round the clock, adding to the rest and relaxation you’re looking forward to. Here are a few steps you should take to prepare yourself and your pet for the trip.

See Your Veterinarian

Before preparing to make travel arrangements, make sure you take your pet to the family vet and get him up to date on all of his vaccines and shots. If your dog has short nasal passages (like a Pug, Boxer, or Persian) he may have trouble breathing on the plane; you might have to make alternate arrangements to make sure pet can travel comfortably. If your dog is safe to fly, but needs to fly with cargo or in a carrier under your seat, he might get anxious and get upset. This can be remedied to some degree with medication from your vet.

Top Dog Of International Travel

If you are traveling to another country, check their animal quarantine requirements. Traveling internationally might require microchipping and your pets papers depending on the pedigree. Also, check with your airline to make sure you have all of the information they need as well. If they require a Health Certificate, it will need to be issued within 10 days of your trip and presented at the time you are taking your pet on board.

Travel First Class

To offer your pet the optimal amount of comfort he deserves, it is a good idea to purchase a carrier that is well ventilated and can fit under your seat. If you are flying in the summer, try to catch an early morning or evening flight, so your pet doesn’t have to endure the heat of a midday sun. Be sure that you are able to fly on the same plane as your pet, so you won’t be separated by flights and you will arrive at the same time.

When you do arrive at your vacation destination, have your pet’s favorite toys ready and available so he won’t feel out of place. By the time you get to your lodging hotel or resort, your dog will feel right at home with your family. Everyone will be ready to hit the beach, go for a dip, and hey, don’t forget Fido’s Frisbee!

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