Florida Man Caught Punching His Dog On Video Is Forced To Relinquished Custody

The news out of Florida is sometimes bizarre and this new story is no different. The problem is, it’s not only bizarre, but it is also infuriating.

A video was posted that showed a man abusing his dog. The police got involved, and eventually, the dog was taken from his custody.

It started when Stacey Rybak and her dog, Jaco, were playing on September 27. An unfamiliar dog came up to them, jumping along on the other side of the fence trying to get to them. Rybak is no stranger to dogs because she takes pictures of canines that have a difficult time finding homes.

Rybak gave an interview with FOX19, saying that she was looking for another leash so she could get the dog under control. A car pulled up in the process and a man came out and went over to the dog. The dog didn’t seem to want to go to his owner, and it seemed like it was for good reason. After all, he started to beat the dog.

Rybak was shocked at what she was seeing so she quickly grabbed her phone and captured the end of the abuse on video. After posting it to Facebook and making a call to the Boynton Beach police, the dog was taken from his owner.

Some of the neighbors were able to recognize the dog after Rybak posted the video. They helped police to track down the man, and as of Monday, Liz Roehrich, the animal cruelty investigator from the department, was involved.

Roehrich found the owner quickly and got custody of the abused dog to give it a veterinary examination. According to the department, the dog named Adi, short for Addison, is a two-year-old female pit-lab mix, and will stay in police custody while the investigation is ongoing.

“I will do my absolute best to pursue justice for this innocent animal,” Roehrich said in a Facebook post. “We will always investigate acts of animal abuse and neglect in the city.”

A welfare check was also given on the man’s home to ensure that other animals were also safe. Another two dogs are owned by the man, aged 11 and 13.

Roehrich did further investigation and said that the other dogs seem to be taken care of properly. She didn’t see a reason to remove the dogs at the time, but Adi was taken into custody. When Roehrich was confronted, he expressed “extreme remorse” for what he had done.

According to Roehrich, “Adi can now look forward to finding a forever home filled with love and gentle hands.” Adi is currently in the custody of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

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