Police Dog Has Official K-9 Badge Photo Taken In Full Uniform

As of Thursday, there is a new sheriff in town – and he’s absolutely adorable! The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida uploaded a post on their social media that featured their latest recruit: a precious pooch named Chico.

Chico is the newest K-9 member of the Sheriff’s office. For his official badge picture, the pooch was dressed up in his very own uniform, complete with badges and patches. If that wasn’t sweet enough, the silly pup even had his tongue slightly sticking out as he posed for his photo beside an American flag.

The law enforcement department posted the picture to their Instagram page, alongside the caption, “K-9 Chico posed for his new ID badge today. He even wore a tie for the photo.”

This isn’t Chico’s first time in the local media. Back in August, Chico helped the department celebrate National Dog Day with another adorable picture of him wearing some cool blue shades. The department wrote that Chico and the department both wished all their followers a Happy National Dog Day.

Given Chico’s photogenic inclinations, many followers on social media are crossing their fingers that the department will be rolling out more adorable photoshoots – preferably something holiday-themed for Christmas time.

In the past, Chico did pose with a Santa hat beside a Christmas tree. Perhaps this year Chico’s fans will get a repeat? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink OCSO.

What do you think of Chico’s badge ceremony photo? Is he not the cutest K-9 officer ever? Let us know!

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