Sheriff Adopts A Dog That Was Found Chained To A House In A Texas Flood

The dog that Sheriff Troy Nehls, a news team, and a group of volunteers found chained up to a house in rising Texas flood waters touched the hearts of many, which is why we’re happy to say that the dog has found a new forever home with the sheriff!

Flooding along the Brazos River in Southeast Texas has prompted many to evacuate their homes, but some took longer than others. Sheriff Nehls, a group of volunteers, and a KPRC news crew were maneuvering an airboat through the flooded streets of Fort Bend County helping those left behind when they came across the abandoned dog.

Channel 2 reporter Phil Archer and volunteer Jeff Shimek went into the water to rescue the dog, which was turned over to the Houston Humane Society.

“This is infuriating. These residents will get a visit from me when they return,” Sheriff Nehls said.

After the dog was placed in the hands of the Houston Humane Society, Nehls, volunteer Richard Allen and Shimek found five more dogs in the area.

flood-dog3 Facebook:Sheriff Troy E. Nehls

“This level of water in the river has not been seen in many of our lifetimes and we urge residents to heed these warnings,” said Jeff Braun, emergency management coordinator for Fort Bend County.

While the dog has been resting at the Houston Humane Society, offers of adoption have reportedly been pouring in already. If you would like to help shelter animals by donating food, visit this link to find out more.

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