Cat With Flehmen Response Wins Over Fans On Social Media

When it comes to the Internet, I don’t think any of us need to be told how much cats are loved. Not only are there many famous felines who become viral for all kinds of reasons, but cat videos are also always popular. Think back to Grumpy Cat, and many other felines that have worked their way into our lives.

Another cat has now entered the scene who has some rather strange looks, and at times, just can’t seem to close his mouth. Now that he is on Instagram, he is famous. I’d like to introduce you to Ikiru, a shorthair cat with an adorable facial expression that is perpetually goofy.

According to The Daily Mail, Ikiru lives in England along with Emma and Rich, his human companions. When they saw Ikiru, it was love at first sight. After recognizing his unusual appearance, they realized that it had to be shared with everyone.

That is when they created an official Instagram account to show him to the world. Some 60,000 people (and perhaps some cats) are now loyal followers. Check out some of the posts below and you will see why this feline has gone viral.

Emma and Rich have confirmed that Ikiru is actually able to close his mouth but sometimes his tongue drops out because he forgets to close it. PetMD ran an article that talks about why cats tongues may sometimes stick out. It is something known as “Flehmen Response” and it is a type of social behavior that picks up chemical signals.

The Flehmen Response is sometimes seen in felines when they use their tongue to collect the scent in the nearby area. The tongue is then flicked upward into a region of the olfactory senses, known as the “vomeronasal organ.”

Now you know.

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