They Found A Dog In The Road And Thought He Was Dead, Then Lifted Him Up And Felt His Heartbeat

A stray dog was found lying under a car with his eyes closed, with his entire body covered in fleas and other bugs. Rescuers from India’s Animal Aid Unlimited thought he was dead, and that’s exactly what he looked like.

But when they picked him up and wrapped him in a blanket, they realized he still had a heartbeat. They gently stroked his head and eventually he opened his eyes. They brought him back to their sanctuary where they treated him and gave him a lot of TLC.

There, they helped his weak body be able to walk, and he slowly learned how to be a normal dog again. While his body was healed, so was his spirit. His adorable personality broke free. He was a very happy and energetic dog, and extremely friendly and affectionate!

The poor dog who was once dying in the streets is now healthy and safe! Thank goodness these rescuers got to him when they did! Watch his rescue in the video below:

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