Terrified Dog Lived Under A House For 6 Months After Family Moved And Left Him Behind

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Hope For Paws received a call about two dogs who were abandoned by their family when they moved away six months prior.

The poor dogs, who were so confused as to why their humans left them behind, sought shelter under the house and managed to survive on food scraps that the neighbors had been feeding them.

hope for paws

hope for paws

One of the dogs was very friendly and approachable, so someone in the neighborhood took him, leaving the other one behind and all alone. The lone dog, later named Flash, was very afraid and wouldn’t approach rescuers.

So HFP rescuers, Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz, had to set a trap in order to get ahold of him. They put a crate with food inside to lure him in, but once he felt the crate closing, he ran out. They knew that he wouldn’t try going into the crate again, so they had to block the entrance to his hiding spot.

hope for paws

hope for paws

Once they cornered him, he tried running away, but Lisa was able to snare his foot before he got too far. He cried, tried to get away, and was visibly distressed, but rescuers calmly talked to him telling him it was OK.

At first, Flash didn’t realize that they were there to help him. He was just so terrified that he assumed the worst, but he calmed down after a few minutes. He even allowed rescuers to pet him. His days of being scared and living under a house were now over.

hope for paws

hope for paws

They put the leash on him, continued to pet him, and got him into the crate. Thankfully, he was a healthy pup and soon, very happy! Bark n’ Bitches wound up finding him a loving forever home soon after his rescue! Also, Sunny Day Acres trained Flash to help him overcome his abandonment issues.

He loves his new family and enjoys running around and playing outside as well as snuggling up on the couch. His humans will show him what unconditional love feels like and he’ll never have to worry about being abandoned ever again!

Watch his rescue and adoption in the video below:

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