Five Ways to Make Your Dog’s Christmas Special

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If you are a doggywoof reader, or a doggyloot customer, you consider your dog a part of your family. The holidays is just one more occasion to solidify that relationship and include your dogs in all of the season’s commotion. Should you not burn out before Christmas Eve, here are a couple gifts and activities that could make this Christmas extra, extra special for you and your dog.

1. Get your dog a stocking.

That is, if they do not have one already. If this is your dog’s first Christmas with you, this is a really nice way to commemorate your first of many holidays together and solidify his or her place in your home.

There are two options for this little activity. You could run out to your local Target or Wal-Mart and find a cute little stocking with their initial on it. That’s quick, easy, and totally counts. Or, if you have some time to do a small do-it-yourself project, make one! Decorating a stocking that fits your dog’s personality is something fun to do while you and your dog are spending time watching cheesy Christmas movies over a chewy bone & eggnog.

2. Buy a present.

We still live in tough times, economically speaking, but that doesn’t mean your buddy needs to go without. Before I was a doggywoof writer, doggyloot was truly my go-to place for affordable, but high quality, gifts for my pups. Even on a student budget, doggyloot allowed me to maintain the high toy and treat standards my dogs are accustomed to. Also, many of the products you’ll find on doggyloot are made and produced by small businesses, which means you’re doing two nice things: hooking your dog up with deserved Christmas swag and supporting small business owners. Do it. You’ll feel all warm-and-fuzzy inside.

3. Give a homeless dog a hand.

If your dog is dog friendly, this option may just be for you. Here in Austin, where I spend the holidays, lots of shelters and rescues would love nothing more than to get their dogs out of their facilities or boarding to get a much-needed night in a home. Just a day or two in a nice, warm home goes a long way towards helping a dog who is not as fortunate as your own dog. Run a rescue or work at a shelter? Consider creating a short-term fostering program for the winter holidays.

Ready to open your home? Tweet me to find out if there is a group in your area who needs your help.

4. Take fun photos.

Earlier this season, one of my dogs passed away. Not to get momentarily morbid, but having more photos of her has definitely helped me grieve. The holidays are the best time to make those memories and capture them so you always have a token of happy, silly, spirited times.

In my house, we’ve invested in jingle bell collars. The collars look ridiculously goofy on my two boys, and make a ton of noise, but in a photo it’s too cute for words and so worth it.

5. Participate in a special activity together.

December is one of the few months where everybody likely gets some time off of work. To make up for all those busy days during the year when your pup waited patiently for you to get home, do something extra special together that you may not get to do the rest of the year. My boys & I went on a road trip. They love, love, love to travel.

Less-intensive activities are just as special. May be a special trip to a doggie playground, or a walk on a new path you don’t take every day. This is just one nice way to show your dog how much he or she means to you and can make the holidays even more special for both of you.

Gearing up to Christmas, I’ll be tweeting some last minute easy-to-buy gift ideas for your dog. Follow me to make sure you don’t miss out.

Merry Christmas, readers!

Jessi Freud is a dog advocate who has been volunteering with rescues and shelters for nearly 10 years. Currently, Jessi is attending law school, where she is a member of her school’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter. She also volunteers at her local county-run shelter. Previously, she was a volunteer news writer for Best Friends Animal Society and an active volunteer with Austin Pets Alive! Follow her on Twitter.

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