Five doggy apps we love

As a team of dog-lovers, we’re always scouting for the best parks, the best restaurants, and the best tips to make life better for our pups. Whether it’s training, keeping up with vet appointments, or even finding the next furry addition to your household – there’s an app for that.

Unfortunately, wading through the sea of dog apps out there can prove a little daunting. So we’ve narrowed down that massive list to five of our favorite dog-friendly apps to make life a little easier for both you and your tech-savvy companion.

The first is Off Leash, an app by pet food maker Eukanuba. We all know there’s nothing more exhilarating for a pup than running free off the leash at a dog park or beach. Off Leash pinpoints the five dog-friendly, leash-free locations nearest you and even provides driving directions to get there. So next time you’re on vacation with your pup in an unfamiliar city, visiting a friend for the weekend, or simply looking for a new park for your pet – there’s an app for that. And it gets better – this one is free.

Our next favorite app is available for Android users as well! The Dog Whistler, brought to you by Mobeezio, Inc., has been featured on Animal Planet and downloaded by over 15 million users – and it’s free. The app is very easy to navigate and imitates the real-life dog whistle. It features multiple frequencies and sound patterns, varying from short beeps to static to various oscillation options. Apart from getting your pup’s attention (which we all know can be a chore), this can be a great training app. One of the best features of the Dog Whistler is the alarm mode, which is set off by either a timer or motion detection. If you’re training your dog to keep his less-than-clean paws off your new white couch, a strategically placed iPhone will activate the whistle when it detects that Spot crossed the line. The alarm will then reset and resound when your pup tries it again.

Which reminds me – we all know our pups’ antics give us the giggles every once a while, and we’re strong believers in laughing at mishaps, particularly with the help of Fail Dog. This hilarious iPhone app promises hours of fun as you browse through galleries of dogs at their most ridiculous moments. Whether it’s dog versus Frisbee, dog versus cat, or dog versus himself, we guarantee this app will have you in stitches, and it’s totally worth it at $0.99.

Another useful app we loved is Pet Phone. Taking care of your dog’s health is a full-time job, for some pet-parents more than others, and keeping track of allergies, medications, weight history and vet visits can prove a daunting task. What’s your pup’s registration number? Insurance? Rabies ID? Luckily, Pet Phone saves you a headache and an array of problems by keeping all this information documented right on your phone. Not only that – it helps you locate vets nearby, create and remember appointments, and track your pet’s weight changes in a graph. Enter a recommended weight range and Pet Phone alerts you when you pet is underfed or putting on a pound too many.

More than one dog? Not a problem. Pet Phone can store info for all 6 of your dogs! For a price of $4.99, we think it’s well worth it.

The last app on our list (but certainly not least) has been featured in Time magazine and CNN for the best apps of 2010, as well as the #1 pet app. And it’s free. It caters specifically to those looking to expand their pet family. Petfinder allows you to browse adoptable pups from over 13,000 shelters and rescue groups, both in your area or nationwide. You can search by breed, age, gender or size to find the pup best suited to you. Once you find a dog you think might be the one, you can view his info and description. Still looking? Favorite that pup and save for later, or add a comment to your favorite profiles. Have a friend looking for a new canine friend? Petfinder lets you share pet profiles via e-email, Facebook, or Twitter. Once you find the dog that’s best for you, you can get directions, phone number, and email of the shelter that houses your future companion.

Between training a dog, taking him to the vet, finding the best parks, and staying lighthearted, us pet parents can get a little overwhelmed. Thankfully there are ways to relieve the stress. We’re hoping one of these apps is the app for you and saves you a headache or two. So whether you’ve got a house full of pups or are an aspiring dog-owner – there’s an app for that.

Do you have a doggy app you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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