Fishing Crew Rescues Kitten Struggling To Stay Afloat In The Gulf Of Mexico

Charter boat crew members are being hailed as heroes for rescuing a kitten that was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico and struggling to stay afloat.

Still Flyin Charters out of Orange Beach, Alabama, set out for a day of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico near Perdido Pass when the crew spotted something bobbing in the water.

At first they thought it was a sea turtle, but once they realized it was a kitten they turned around to rescue it. “Our catch of the day. Poor little guy was sucked out by the tide,” posted the charter boat company. “He was struggling to stay up. We caught him, brought him in the boat and let him recover.”

Photo: Facebook/Still Flyin Charters

The exhausted ginger kitten clung to the net that scooped him out of the sea and was pictured still grasping the pole once he was safe on the boat. He was wrapped in a towel and three boys took turns cuddling with him until they returned to shore. One person commented, “You just taught those boys a powerful lesson about empathy.”

Photo: Facebook/Still Flyin Charters

Steve Crews, owner and operator of Still Flyin Charters, took the kitten home but reported that he doesn’t like being indoors, so he’s probably a feral cat. However, his family is leaving food and water out for the little guy. “He’s doing great. He’s wild but he’s hanging around the house because he’s terrified inside,” wrote Crews.

Photo: Facebook/Still Flyin Charters

Countless people praised the crew for saving the kitten, but some were concerned that the kitten was tossed into the water as shark bait. Crews believes the feral cat was swept out to sea by the rising tide and reassured people by saying, “there is a law against that. I used to commercial shark fish for a living. Never heard of that ever happening from anyone. Apparently someone said they saw it happen in Australia. I’m not saying there aren’t sadistic people out there but sharks are actually very picky eaters. They like fresh fish.”

Photo: Facebook/Still Flyin Charters

The adorable kitten still needs a name so Crews suggested Shark Bait but his wife prefers Lucky. Followers suggested Catfish, but everyone agrees he’s one lucky kitty.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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