Dog Joins Her Parents During Their First Dance At The Wedding

When Seth and Nicole decided to tie the knot, they shared their special day with all of their friends, family, and their dog. They made sure to include their dog Eva in their wedding and ave her a central role in the ceremony.

None of the guests were surprised at all when Seth and Nicole had invited their dog to the wedding because everyone their knows Eva is more than family: “They both spend so much time with Eva,” Selena Mercedes (wedding guest) told The Dodo. “They take her everywhere they go.”

Photo: Facebook / Fox 29

When it was time for the couple to enoy their first dance, the crowd gathered around. As they enjoyed watching on, their dog couldn’t help but join in on the moment.

Photo: Facebook / Fox 29

“It was the sweetest thing. I had no idea it was going to happen,” Mercedes said. “It brought tears to my eyes.”

This is just more proof that dog’s are one of the sweetest animals on earth. We love the fact that they included their dog in their special day and hope to see more people do the same.

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