This Firefighter Finds Tiny Hamsters In A House Fire. What He Does To Save Them Made My Jaw DROP.

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We’ve all heard those beautiful rescue stories of firefighters saving people from house fires, going inside a burning house and pulling people from the wreckage just in the knick of time. We’ve even heard plenty of stories of dogs and cats being saved too. But I can guarantee you’ve never heard a story like this before! A fire broke out in a home in Washington, and lucky the family of humans weren’t home. But there was another family still in the house: hamsters.

In a room filled with smoke, was a hamster family of a father hamster named Oreo, a mother named Madonna and their three tiny babies, all suffering from smoke inhalation. This firefighter crew knew just what they had to do. They brought the cage of hamsters outside and began to work their magic to save their lives. Of course they didn’t have an oxygen masks small enough to fit these little guys, so they made their own using plastic tubing! Using their “pet emergency pocket guide,” and their quick thinking, these firefighters were able to save four of the five hamsters!

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