Firefighters Free A Dog After Its Head Got Stuck In A Pipe

If you have a dog in your life, you already realize that they can sometimes get themselves in rather strange situations. You may even find that it is a daily occurrence. At times, it gives us an opportunity to have a good chuckle but there are also going to be times when they can get themselves in trouble.

That was the case in Abington, Virginia when a dog ended up in a situation that was both strange and dangerous. According to the Clinch Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, it was one of the strangest situations they had ever seen when a dog was involved!

The fire department posted the news on Facebook about crews who responded to a call at Sparrow Lane Tuesday night. It seems as if a dog had its head stuck in a pipe!

Prior to the time that the owner of the dog called the fire department, he had worked to try to free his pup. When he was unable to do so, he called 911 to get some help.

Firefighters first tried using Wesson oil to loosen the head and remove the pipe. That method did not work as planned.

Eventually, the crews began cutting the pipe to free the dog. It took a little bit of wiggling on the part of the pooch, but the Clinch Mountain VFD was able to remove the dog.

You’ll be happy to know that the dog is doing fine.

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