Firefighter Rescued A Puppy Tied Up On The Side Of A Road. Then, She Shows Him How Thankful She Is

Firefighter Mike Thawley, of the Sacramento Fire Department, came across a little puppy who was bound up all alone on the side of the road in the rain. It’s unsure of how she got there or who left her there, but it was obvious that the puppy was suffering from a bad skin condition.

He brought the dog, now named Chunkie, back to the fire station to dry her off and then took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter. But Thawley did not just drop her off and forget about her. The very next day he came to check on her, and their heartwarming reunion was caught on camera. She recognized him right away and ran up to him with her tail wagging and gave him lots of kisses. She is clearly very grateful for her rescuer!

Thawley is considering fostering Chunkie, but he may have already helped find her a forever home; thanks to this adorable video, thousands of people now know about Chunkie and her story. You can follow Front Street Animal Shelter on Facebook for updates.

Watch the adorable reunion in the video below:

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