Finnish Spitz

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With certain similarities to the red fox, the Finnish Spitz has regal characteristics. Originating in Finland, this breed has liveliness, intelligence and good-natured traits. Used primarily as a bird hunter in the past, the Finnish Spitz would alert his owner to any game in the trees.
This breed has a golden reddish color coat which can be lighter or darker shades of red, depending on the individual dog. The Finnish Spitz stands approximately 15 ½ to 20 inches high at the shoulder.
The Finnish Spitz is definitely friendly, but more so with those he knows. This dog can be a bit shy and unsure around strangers. He gets along well with children, which is a great attribute if you have kids in the home. Since this pup is, by nature, a bird hunter, it stands to reason that the Finnish Spitz will need a good amount of exercise as he is accustomed to such. As it is a small dog, apartment living is fine for this breed so long as daily walks are part of the pup’s schedule.
With a thick, double coat, the Finnish Spitz needs to be tended to more in the grooming department than some other dog breeds. His fur should be brushed a few times a week in order to keep it looking lustrous and ensuring that it is free from tangles. You may want to take your Finnish Spitz to a professional groomer on an occasional basis so that their coat looks as nice as possible.
If you want a small dog which will provide you with lively company and will be good for the entire family, look into the Finnish Spitz as an option.

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