Finnish Lapphund

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The Finnish Lapphund is situated within the herding group. In the past, the Finnish Lapphund was often used to herd reindeer in the Arctic. With its double coat of fur and great amounts of energy, the Finnish Lapphund was well equipped to work in the cold weather and complete the various herding tasks which it was assigned.
This breed comes in color tones of black, brown, tan and other colors and has quite gentle facial expressions overall. The Finnish Lapphund stands approximately 16 to 21 inches high at the shoulder and has a full fur coat.
The Finnish Lapphund is also a companion dog. When not working with reindeer herding, this breed is calm and gentle with family members. Since it is a working dog by nature, the Finnish Lapphund does need a good amount of exercise. Taking this dog for frequent walks or letting it romp around outdoors in a fenced-in yard is often a good idea. This will keep this dog content and calm when inside.
Since the Finnish Lapphund has a full, double coat, the grooming duties are often quite tedious. Frequent weekly brushings and occasional fur trimming will keep the coat of the Finnish Lapphund looking as good as possible. Due to its larger size, the Finnish Lapphund is better in a single family home as opposed to an apartment. This type of housing arrangement will best suit the Finnish Lapphund by giving it plenty of space to roam.
The Finnish Lapphund is not just a working dog. It is also a family companion which loves to just keep his owner company. If you are searching for a loving pup which will be content simply keeping you company, then look no further than the Finnish Lapphund.

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