Innovative Facial Recognition App Helps Find Your Lost Pets. Pawesome!

It is the worst feeling in the world when your furry cuddle buddy is missing. Your four legged family member has this tendency to run off and explore the exciting world of noisy cars and abundant evergreens. That is all fine and dandy until they decide not to come back. They either got lost or was presumed lost by a stranger who was willing to take them in. Either way, your pet is gone.

You decide to post on social media and go on a mini manhunt (more like a puppyhunt) for your missing pet. You might even go old school and post flyers all around town. There is literally nothing you won’t do to get your little buddy back home safe and sound.

Lucky for you, there are millions of pet lovers with the same exact mentality and two of them have developed an app to help locate your missing animals. A couple from California, the Polimenos, created the Finding Rover app to help track down your pets through facial recognition. The way it works is that you take photos of your pet from different angles and input the photos into the program’s database. If someone finds your missing pet, they can find them in the Finding Rover database and get them back to you. Easy right?

The Polimenos have stated that their app is 98% accurate and can distinguish between almost identical looking pets. With help from two doctors from the University of Utah, the Polimenos were able to create something that helps reunite pets with their owners. “We found at the University of Utah these amazing scientists, commissioned a study,” said John Polimeno. “”So we basically had 2 PhDs on it for a year, developing the algorithms that can identify one dog or one cat from any other. And with 98-99 percent accuracy, after a year, we were able to do it.”

The app also includes locations of veterinarians, pet shelters, and other pet owners. You can even find adoption information with the app. The app is free and readily available for Iphones and Androids.

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