Find Your Ideal Match! Tinder for Dogs?!

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Online dating has surfaced as a very popular means to find “the one”. What if you could use a similar type of program or app to find “the one” that’s “pawfect” for you? BarkBuddy, a free iPhone app that showcases local dogs available for adoption went live this week and did just that! This is a complete game changer for dog lovers everywhere; finding the woof of your life has never been easier!

The app is from Bark & Co., the very same company that brought us BarkBox. Last summer, Bark & Co. ran two adoption events across Los Angeles and New York City were 80 dogs in total were adopted in two weekends. This really didn’t solve anything so the company set its eyes on the BarkBuddy app. The app is connected to 2500 rescue center shelters nationwide and has additional information coming from across the United States and Canada.

The app itself is very simple. Users are presented with the picture of a dog; if they don’t like it they swipe left, if they like it they swipe right and will be presented with more information about the dog. BarkBuddy has been compared to the popular dating app Tinder for its swiping feature. This very well could be the pet adoption of the future and could be part of the solution for the overcrowded shelters and pets who need a home and need love.

BarkBuddy is currently only available for the iPhone, but the Android version is expected to be released soon. To learn more about BarkBuddy please visit [highlight][/highlight].

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