Three Words Are Whipping Reddit Up Into A Feline Frenzy: ‘Find My Cat’

Shortly after Reddit user pizzaslayer111 posted a picture of their living area and hallway, tens of thousands were staring at the photo.

They were all trying to find the Redditor’s elusive cat.

Upon even the closest inspection, it’s hard to see any animal in the image, let alone a cuddly cat. Still, a few have managed to spot the feline.

“My new favorite game!” one Redditor commented.

“This is awesome,” another wrote. “Can we do this every week?”

“That took me a stupid amount of time,”commented another.

Indeed, pizzaslayer111’s cat is in the photo, but it takes a keen eye to make out the animal’s outline.

Some cats just don't want to be found.

Source: Pexels
Some cats just don’t want to be found.

“Where is it?! I’ve been looking for a straight five minutes!😢,” wrote a disheartened u/rumireverse.

“I started checking out the books at that point. I gave up, then I noticed it after zooming back out and closing it,” commented u/genij1234.

Nope, not that easy.

Source: Pexels
Nope, not that easy.

Redditor u/SchnoodleDoodleDo even offered this poem, sort of a hy-purr-thetical train of thought:

“there’s books n toys piled on the shelf,
a mug upon the table
(I’m gonna push them off myself
as soon as i am able…)
a phone, remote, n papers, too
some music on a stand
i’ll knock them down – it’s what i do
n hide when they all land… ;}
you’ll hear the noise n see the mess
n wonder where i went….
am Cat – this brings me Happiness
this how My time
is spent….”

Redditor u/mypolkadotsox found something else interesting in the photo, leading to another tangential thread.

“My question is why are Woody and Jesse wearing each others hats,” they commented. “I watch too much Toy Story. It’s my kids favourite movie.”

Maybe the bookshelf? Nope, try again.

Source: Pexels
Maybe the bookshelf? Nope, try again.

See if you can find the cat yourself in the photo below. With any luck, u/pizzaslayer111 will have another cat-search ready before you can finish this one!

Find my cat in this photo. from r/aww

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