Can You Find The Sleeping Pug Hiding In The Zoom Call?

For many of us working from home, Zoom has become an essential part of our daily routines. Zoom meetings – unless they’re a virtual hang out night with friends – are pretty standard and uneventful. We will often find ourselves focusing more on the backgrounds of coworkers rather than the meeting that is going on. Many of us are probably familiar with the illustration below that features a bunch of different coworkers on a Zoom call.

While it might seem like just a caricature of our new normal, it’s actually a brainteaser! If you are to look closely at it, you can find the sleeping pug in one of the coworkers’ background.

The hidden-image puzzle is brought to you by the comparison site, On their website, they feature many other 2020/2021 home essentials in their hidden image challenges, such as stationary bikes, houseplants, rolls of toilet paper, and wine bottles.

If you are to look at the image above, you will find there is a lot to take in. But only one of the windows has a sleeping pug.

If you’ve given up, then look again. You will find the pug on the floor behind the bearded man – last column, three rows down.

What do you think of this brain teaser? Let us know!

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