Terminally Ill Man Has One Final Wish – To Find His Dogs A Good Home

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Some people cope with bad news much better than others, but only the strongest can receive a terminal diagnosis with grace.

Bobby Lynn Brockman is one of those people. Upon hearing from a doctor that his days were numbered, he immediately started thinking about the best way to protect his “kids.”


Brockman’s prostate cancer had been in remission for nearly a year, but suddenly the disease had returned, quickly spreading into his bones and mouth. Nothing, including 12 rounds of chemotherapy and 110 radiation treatments, seemed able to help. “There is no cure for it, there is no cure,” he said. “They sent me home with pain medication and gave me a hospital bed.”

Aware his days were numbered, Brockman has started to plan out his children’s future. When Brockman refers to children, however, he’s thinking of furry, four-legged rescues. “Those dogs are like family to me.


They’re my kids,” he said. “They adopted me more than I adopted them.”

Brockman isn’t married, but he’s never lonely, owing to his sprawling canine brood. This growing family includes three small dogs and four large dogs, with puppies on the way. The dogs are Brockman’s primary love and his first priority.

Brockman knows his smaller dogs will provide comfort as he passes, but he’s eager to find his larger dogs, and their puppies, good future homes. “It would mean everything in the world to know they’re going to be happy and have someone love them and take care of them,” he said.

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