Field Spaniel

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The Field Spaniel is a hunting dog known for a level head, endurance and obedience. The Field Spaniel has a water-repellent coat which makes perfect for hunting water fowl as well as being a land hunter.
This loyal dog breed comes in three different colors, including black, golden liver or liver. You may also see that some Field Spaniels have white markings or tan points on their coats. The Field Spaniel is usually 17 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder.
This gentle breed is quite loving with family members. When not on the hunt, the Field Spaniel loves lounging with the family or going for walks outdoors. Although shy with some strangers, once the Field Spaniel gets to spend enough time with the individuals he is quite sociable. Due to the Field Spaniel being a hunting dog, it is no wonder that this pup needs frequent exercise. Whether you take the Field Spaniel for daily walks or allow it to run around and get exercise in a fenced-in yard, this breed will be content either way.
The Field Spaniel has a coat which is medium in length. Due to the length, it may be a bit more time consuming to groom the pup but not as much as a dog with a long length coat. The best options for grooming the Field Spaniel is to provide him with proper brushings each week and then have the fur trimmed on an occasional basis. This type of grooming schedule is not too difficult to complete when it comes to the Field Spaniel.
Bringing a Field Spaniel into your home will provide you with happiness and allow you to have a loyal friend by your side.

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