Dog Returns Ball During A Game Of Fetch With A Heartwarming Surprise Waiting For Him…

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This German Shepherd is in for a big surprise when he is taken outside for a game of fetch. The game starts out as any other would. Human friend has the ball, he throws the ball, and the dog goes to fetch it. It’s when this pup is on his way back from dutifully fetching his ball that he notices his surprise. His owner is back from deployment! This pooch doesn’t seem to know whether to bark or cry from happiness. The video is absolutely touching. The dog is so excited to see his owner again, and from the way he circles his owner, it’s as if he can’t even believe that the soldier is actually home.

Aren’t reunion videos the best?! Seeing the smile on the soldier’s face and the dog yipping in excitement is an image that will warm your heart and brighten your day.

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