Watching This Ferret Fall Asleep Is Better Than Hearing A Lullaby Sung By Barbara Streisand!

It’s not often we see many videos of ferrets, but this one will remind you of how cute they really are!! When you’re tired, you’re tired and if you start dozing off, it’s extremely difficult to stay awake. This sleepy ferret, Pepe, is extremely exhausted, and can’t keep his eyes open if his life depended on it!

He’s lying on his back in his owner’s lap while his owner pets him. He begins to yawn, and once he starts, he can’t stop! He yawns so much that it starts to make me yawn just watching him, because, you know, yawns are contagious! All the petting must be super soothing to him, and he finally begins to drift away to dreamland. He closes his eyes and opens them over an over again, struggling to stay awake. The cutest part is his tiny tongue that he keeps sticking out to lick his nose with. Finally, he falls asleep and it’s the most precious thing ever. My heart is officially melted!

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