This Rescue Dog’s Daily Walks Turned Into A Way To Help Stray Cats In Their Neighborhood

Fay and Dionisis, a young couple from Athens, Greece, adopted their beloved furbaby, Meli, three and a half years ago and became very active in animal welfare. They are both founding members of SCARS, a Greek charity involved in TNT and cat rescue.

One day, the couple began to feed stray cats in their building, and then it eventually grew into an everyday thing. Since they were always feeding the cats, the cats began to follow them around and wait for their food each day.

The cats have a very special bond with their dog, Meli. They relate dinner time with her, and whenever Meli is out for a walk, the cats follow her around, too.

Aside from feeding the stray cats in the neighborhood, they also have three cats, foster rescue kittens, and help rehome some of the strays. They also try to neuter as many strays as possible so that they can try and keep the population down.

Learn more about their story in the video below:

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